These general terms and conditions regulate the sale, including registration, ordering and access to "Lojas M. Silva" products offered by Lojas M.Silva Confecções Lda, Lojas M.Silva Confecções Lda, a limited liability company with headquarters in Rua Júlio Maia nº 84, parish of Arcos and Mogofores, municipality of Anadia and district of Aveiro, with the zip code 3780-233, with the registered capital of 20.000.000,00 €, registered in the Commercial Registry of Porto under the unique number of registration and NIPC 502646292, on the website www.ms1971.com and apply to all contracts of purchase and sale of products "Stores M. Silva" entered into between Lojas M.Silva Confecções Lda and any user that places orders through of the said Internet site (s).

For the purposes of these general conditions, the following definitions shall apply:

“Lojas M. Silva” - The products marketed by Lojas M.Silva Confecções Lda, which holds all copyright or related rights, as well as other rights that may be subject to the protection provided for in the Industrial Property Code, on page / Internet site with the above address and supplier of the goods available for ordering on the same site;

 “ User” - Every person, not a merchant, who places an order through the website www.ms1971.com;

These general conditions do not exclude the rights and guarantees of the User contained in the legislation in force for contracts of this nature.


The conclusion of contracts for the purchase and sale of Lojas M. Silva products presupposes the knowledge and acceptance of the General Conditions by the User.

By accepting the General Conditions, the User confirms that he has read the General Conditions, has the legal capacity to accept them and to enter into the contract for the purchase and sale of Lojas M. Silva products.


To place an order, the User must first register, by filling in the fields included in the form on the website www.ms1971.com

After registering as a customer, the User can access his personal account online, by logging in after the introduction of a personal and non-transferable keyword, chosen by him at the time of registration.

As soon as you access your personal account online, the User is subject to the present general conditions, as well as the legal and regulatory rules that govern its operation and use.


You can place your order online at www.ms1971.com

The User may proceed to order, in the modalities of registered user or unregistered user.

To finalize your order, as Registered User, the User must provide personal information, such as your name, address, etc. For this, the User must fill in all the mandatory fields at the moment of identification.

In the case of an unregistered user, this should in any case provide an email address, or data related to another form of contact, that is correct and complete, expressly accepting that Lojas M. Silva can contact you using these if necessary, in particular, to send you an order confirmation and a link to consult it.

In any of the ordering modalities, when making your request, the User expresses its full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of sale, prices and description of the products contemplated in this transaction, which will be the only applicable between the two parties .

Any dispute over this last point will be resolved through an exchange of information and with the guarantees mentioned below.

In the absence of availability of the product, Lojas M. Silva undertakes to inform the User and to reimburse the User for the amounts he may have paid within a maximum period of thirty days from the date of knowledge of such unavailability.

All orders will be subject to prior acceptance. Failure to accept your request may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The product you ordered is sold out;
  • The purchase ceiling was exceeded;
  • Failure to validate the user's personal data;
  • Difficulty in the readability of the request.


If, for any reason, you wish to cancel an order prior to the time of shipment, please contact Customer Service at 231 512 880 from 9.30am to 7pm Monday to Saturday or by email at storesmsilvainfo@gmail.com


We make every effort to ensure that the photographs of the product are as faithful as possible to the actual product. In some cases the products are displayed in different perspectives and will have the possibility to enlarge the image. Despite the efforts made to achieve this approximation to the actual product, you should consider the existence of differences in color, appearance or size / shape, which may be due to the monitor or internet browser used by the user. In this way, we advise you to consult carefully and in detail the product and its characteristics for the purpose of certifying them at the time of purchase.

The online store Lojas M. Silva is optimized to be viewed in various Internet browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera. It's still optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

Lojas M. Silva does not guarantee stock of orders that have been originated by network outages, technical malfunctions or computer errors.


Shipping charges and delivery times:


Free shipping on purchases of 50 EUR or more

7,5 EUR on purchases of less than 50 EUR

Delivery Time: 5 business days  


7,5 EUR  

Delivery Time: 7 business days


7,5 EUR  

Delivery Time: 7 to 15 business days


Expenses related to returns are borne by the customer.

In the event of dissatisfaction, we reimburse or return and exchange any product within the period established for this purpose (15 days).


Lojas M.Silva Confecções Lda has several methods of payment:


One of the most commonly used means of payment for online purchases worldwide in a first time, it is necessary to have a PayPal account. For more information or to create an account, see this page: https://www.paypal.com. If you choose this method of payment, the value of the order will be charged at the end of the order.

Bank transfer

The user can choose the payment by bank transfer, being necessary to enter the banking elements indicated below to make the transfer are:

Holder: Lojas M. Silva
IBAN: PT50 0007 0222 0021 995000157


Prices must be understood in euros, with taxes and taxes included. The prices shown are based on the VAT applicable at the time of invoice. Any modification of the applicable VAT rate will be reflected in the prices of the products. After this date prices may be modified at any time.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. In the treatment of your order any price error that may be appearing on the website due to technical anomalies will be detected at the time of invoicing. In this situation the customer will be contacted. If the price of the product presented on the website is, in reality, lower, the difference is returned. If the price is higher then the customer will be contacted and can accept or cancel the order.


The goods are subject to availability checking.

Since there is a time between the time your order is made and the order is accepted, we alert you that the availability of the product may change.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances it is necessary to replace a product, you will be contacted with a suggestion of equal or equal value to the substituted one, in case you accept the suggestion we will ship the product.


The customer benefits from a period of 15 (fifteen) days, from the date of receipt of the articles to try their articles and if any does not please you, or if you are not according what you viewed on the website, you can return and receive your refund by bank transfer, or half payment used or check. The exchange of articles is only possible if the client wants another size and / or color of the same articles that he / she wants to exchange, or if the articles in question are defective or not in conformity. All articles can be returned, however, there are some exceptions:

  • Swimsuit should include the hygiene sticker.
  • Underwear and "intimate accessories" are not eligible for exchange or return.
  • Accessories must be returned in their original full packaging.
  • For hygiene reasons, beauty / cosmetic products are not eligible for exchange or return.
  • We do not return or exchange party items (formal dresses, purses, bags and evening bags) and visons.
  • In case of returning all articles, if it contains an offer, it must also be returned.
  • In the case of a request for reimbursement of a purchased item at a reduced price due to a special offer, Lojas M. Silva will refund the amount actually paid by the user.

The return of articles can be done free of charge, through the physical store, in a properly sealed package (using the original packaging), containing inside the duly filled return receipt. You can also choose to return by post to the address on the return guide. In the case of bulky articles, you should contact the customer service 231 512 880 or contact via email at storesmsilvainfo@gmail.com


All products are covered by the Assurance of conformity of the goods corresponding to 2 years from the delivery of the goods, according to the legislation (Decree-Law no. 67/2003, of April 8, as amended by Decree-Law 84/2008, of 31 of May).

In the case of defective or defective products, you must notify the same, informing the number of your order and the description of the malfunction:

  • by E-mail: lojasmsilvainfo@gmail.com
  • by Mail: at the address on the return guide.


The designation of the Newsletter Lojas M. Silva, the e-mailings, promotional offers, and institutional newsletters, information about the company or the User, are sent directly to the User's mailbox.

You can access and modify your data at any time in "My account" and manage your subscription to the newsletter in "Newsletters".


The computerized records, stored in the computer systems of the company Lojas M.Silva Confecções Lda, under safe conditions are considered as proof of communications, orders and payments produced between the parties.


Orders and invoices will be archived on a reliable and secure medium for the period necessary for their purpose.


The terms of sale presented are applicable to Portuguese law.

In order to resolve any dispute there is always the possibility of having recourse to an arbitration body.

The European Union has set up a website to support consumers to submit their complaints about any litigation in which they are involved. In this context, Lojas M. Silva makes available all the information so that it can exercise its right of complaint with an official, third and impartial entity to the process, that will help you to solve the litigation in question. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the purchase of a good or service on our site, or with the solution presented by us to resolve the situation, you can access the official website https://webgate.ec.europa.eu and present your dispute.